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Rest in Paradise, our dear brother, Marvin "the Fly" Kee.

- March 13, 2023

It is with deep sadness we say farewell to our long-time bassist and brother, Marvin "the Fly" Kee.


Marvin joined Los Morenos in 1999. I had the honor of playing hundreds of shows with him. He was a gifted visionary, a loving son, father, brother and friend (to so many). He was one of the most creative and generous souls who left an impact on every person he met. Marvin was so talented he had many musical projects on the go. In fact, Los Morenos was just one collaboration in his legendary story and career. He had Flytrap and played with several notable bands and musicians. While this is a significant loss to Calgary's music scene, it's an even bigger loss to everyone who knew him personally. There is not enough words to accurately measure or define. 


My deepest condolences to the music community, all his friends, extended family, his sisters: Sonia, Paulina and Linda, and more importantly his son, Quincy.

Marvin, thank you for all the memories, the lessons and the music. You will be missed brother. Fly high and see you on the other side.

With love,


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