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"Canadian recording artist Los Morenos was started by Mauricio Moreno in 1998, and since then evolved into a toe-tapping musical collective that resonates all over the world." - Ben Tsui, Demotix PhotoJournalism 2014


"Taking on the truly daunting task of opening up for the Afro-Cuban All Stars and doing a commendable job in the process was Calgary's own Los Morenos. Guitarist, Mauricio Moreno, led the trio through an exuberant Latin guitar workout that rant the gamut from fast flashy to smooth and romantic, with a good deal of finesse. The band even incorporated funk, disco and rock rhythms into its set. Moreno flipping his guitar and catching it mid-solo during his often impressive bumblebee guitar runs. All in all, a nice kickoff to a winning evening."

- Heath McCoy, Calgary Herald


"Los Morenos have seduced the city with their full flavoured acousitics which drip with sweet warmth and romantic allure." - Aubrey McInnis, FFWD Weekly Magazine


"Mauricio's guitar work is very fine and particularly virtuosic. Mauricio Moreno is a fine performer and composer."

- Leslie Hall, Canadian Folk Music Bulletin


"Oscar Lopez never passed up an opportunity to praise Los Morenos. When the two acts played together, the sparks flew." - Lisa Wilton, Calgary Sun


"If music is truly an international language, there are perhaps a few bands which exemplify that better than Los Morenos." - Wanda Chow, New West News Leader


"Calgary's hottest Latin band, Los Morenos bring lush ballads and blazing guitar rhythms that make their CD's 'Moviendo Te' and 'Prescence of You' such great listening." - Lydia Marston Blauuw, Center Stage (Vancouver, BC)

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